HAIRSTON… our family name. EST 2005

FAMILY… a group of 2 or more persons related by birth, marriage or adoption who live together; all such related persons are considered as members of one family.

FITNESS… the condition of being physically fit & healthy.

As the Hairston Family we’ve come to realize that our family runs better as a unit when we are all active on some level of fitness both together and individually. We are grateful to have built a life that has connected our family to our business. It started with the 2 of us… Trevor and Bethel… and has now turned into the 4 of us adding Xavier and Christian. We all have different goals and things that we are working on but our one common goal is our family. 

Currently our life is consumed with youth sports… football, basketball, flag football, track and field along with speed and agility training and strength training. We are constantly on the go and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. It is an exciting time in our life and in our business so we’ve decided to take it to another level and launch some apparel to go along with all of the fun.

When we created Hairston Family Fitness we wanted to be an example to other families that you can have a family and stay physically fit. Now that we created our HFF apparel store, we made 2 major decisions. First, we wanted to create gear to share with our fitness clients and have it mean more than just words across the shirt. We wanted to invite more people into our HFF family with fun designs and sayings. As well as expand to the entire family unit so they can all show support for their youth athlete in whatever sport/s and trainings that they participate in to better their athletic abilities. Secondly, we would only print on T-shirts that we want to wear ourselves… meaning we’ve chose the softest and most comfortable T-shirts on the market. 

As our HFF apparel store grows we invite you to become part of our family community. Where the entire family can learn more about healthy eating, staying fit as we age and creating healthy habits all while having fun and supporting our youth athlete/s on their journey. We hope you’ll decide to join us!